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B2B/B2C Email and Telemarketing Database For Sale.Boost KPI/Revenue!

新加坡, 芽笼

转让价格 : 2888.00新币

营业额: 2-5万新币

现金流: 1-2万新币

应付帐款: 未提供

成立时间: 2018

毛利润: 2-5万新币

库存: 未提供

应收账款: 未提供

卖家职责: 全职

净利润: 2-5万新币

负债: 未提供

家具家私: 未提供

员工: 未提供

* 营业额, 毛利润, 净利润, 现金流是基于平均值

To fund & Focus on Digital Marketing and e-commerce portal set up.

Proven results with Banking/ Credit, financial and insurance brokerage, Consumer / Property related products and services. Especially for Call Centers. Used and marketed by reputable call centers, asset management, iso-certified & Enterprise 500 local marketing agencies to run campaigns for reputable Banking / Credit, financial and insurance brokerage, Consumer / Property related products and service providers/ launches.

B2B/B2C Email and Telemarketing Database For Sale.Boost KPI/Revenue!

(Dozens of Appointments and Deals for SPAs, Insurance Brokers, Realtors!!)

A) Now with 350000 Telemarketing Databases for Insurance, Realty, Financial Service providers.

B) Over 650000 B2B & B2C Email Databases for ALL businesses with a website or caters to a B2B or B2C audience.

Letting go of my entire database package as I have digital marketing projects on hand. As of now, the count for the database have

increased with updated add ons at 350000 Telemarketing/SMS databases and over 650000 Email Databases for B2B / B2C users.

Clients results are attached in the display pictures for buyers perusal and confidence.

Are emails and mail delivered by post covered under the DNC Registry?

The DNC Registry covers marketing messages sent to Singapore telephone numbers. Emails and mail delivered by post are not included within the scope of the DNC Registry.

Emails are not included within the scope of the DNC Registry as unsolicited emails can be blocked through email filters. They also cause less of a nuisance to delete when received, as compared to telephone calls, SMS and fax messages, which are more difficult for the individual to filter. Furthermore, the Spam Control Act (SCA) helps to complete the framework by setting out requirements in relation to the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages in bulk.

As for junk mail, there are existing ways for individuals to reduce the volume of such mail, such as through the use of letterboxes with anti-junk mail features. Junk mail may also be less of a nuisance than telephone calls, SMS or MMS messages, or faxes, which are more likely to inconvenience an individual or interrupt his activities.

( Property Launch Campaigns: 100 Appointments, 40 deals closed!!! )

(10% Appointment conversion for A Mortgage and Home Refinancing Broker)

For Package A) $1800 (DNC check is mandatory for the buyer and user) Over 70% call thru or text-thru rates typically.

For Package B) $2200 (No DNC or PDPA issue) Unsub Applies. 3% to 5% opens ∕ 13% to 20% bounce maximally (includes filter bounces) B2C emails : UNSUB applies ( non-personal addressing of recipient rule applies )

Are business-to-business marketing calls or messages covered under the DNC Registry?

A business-to-business (B2B) marketing call, SMS/MMS or fax message (B2B marketing message) refers to a marketing message which is sent to an organisation, for any purpose of the receiving organisation.B2B marketing messages are not within the scope of the DNC Registry. The PDPC recognises that B2B marketing calls or messages may be essential to the day-to-day operations between businesses and note that most consumers will not be affected by B2B marketing messages that are sent to organisations.

In addition to the above, the Do Not Call (DNC) registry provisions in the PDP Bill govern the sending of “specified messages” to Singapore telephone numbers. "Specified messages" generally refer to messages (e.g. calls, SMS/MMS or faxes) that are marketing/promotional in nature. Organisations must either have obtained clear and unambiguous consent to the sending of the specified message to the Singapore telephone number from its user/subscriber or check with the DNC register to ensure that they do not send specified messages to a registered number.   If, however, no personal data is involved, for example in the distribution of flyers to letterboxes without identifying the individual, the PDP Bill will not apply.    Separately, the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages such as email messages or SMS will continue to be subject to the obligations under the Spam Control Act.   Please note that the above is strictly for information only and it is not to be treated as legal advice. Kindly seek your own legal advice, as appropriate.

Best Regards

Heather Seetoh (Ms) Team Manager | Contact Centre | Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
Tel: 6211 2100 | Fax: 6211 2222| Email:
info@ida.gov.sg| Website: www.ida.gov.sg   Follow us on: cid:image001.png@01CD1D63.85B853B0  cid:image002.png@01CD1D63.85B853B0  cid:image003.png@01CD1D63.85B853B0  cid:image004.png@01CD1D63.85B853B0        Subscribe to: cid:image005.png@01CD1D63.85B853B0


If both are acquired: $3500 with a post-purchase bonus (1 Overseas Email and Telemarketing Database of your choice)

Instalment payment with an upfront of $1500 payment plan available with the remaining payments sectioned over 5 weeks.

More than a just a business dealing in itself, we also seek to ensure the well being of our buyers when using the databases for boosting their revenue and campaign efficacy.

Regional Countries Telemarketing and Email Database available in over 40 Countries. Contact for rates.

PM with your contact to inquire.

Rates are mildly negotiable for a fast deal. Email to to inquire or PM along with your contact and we can nego.

Kindly Refrain from absurd offers as we value each others time and business windows of opportunities. 


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